Welcome to Tonacity

What is Tonacity?

Well, it’s a bad pun based off “tonal” and “city,” and the word “tenacity.”  I have my own opinions, usually based around music (at least for this website), and I just want to share out music with as many people as possible (within my own means).

I’ll mostly be posting about indie Japanese and Korean music, as there’s not much being said online in English about these scenes.  I’ll have some information on how to have an easier time living in Japan and Korea, such as finding cheap groceries, finding places to live, how to travel across the country, etc.

I’ll try to keep everything short and sweet, but I can’t guarantee that I will.  Things may get outdated, but I’ll make sure to keep the old versions if/when I do update the information, for posterity’s sake.  (Such as if all the concert venues and bands in Korea start updating their websites more than once every five years.)

I also have a radio show attached to this project called Tonacity Radio.  It airs on Radio Free Fargo 95.9 at 7-10AM, Central Time.  I’ll be posting all of my playlists here, so all of you fancy listeners can figure out what that one song that you enjoyed was.  You can listen to the radio station live right here.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the music.

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